Thursday, May 12, 2011


This isn't really a well thought out or even constructed post.  I just sort of wanted to celebrate a milestone.  As of this post, I am currently sitting at precisely 58,000 words written.

At this point, I'm still in rough draft mode and if things go as normal that means I'm closer to 60k polished.  I tend to forget to expand certain thoughts when I write rough draft.  Not quite notation, but sometimes sort of close.

I always say don't let the craft get in the way of the story... technicalities are designed to help us with our story telling not hamper our process.  Because I believe this, I sometimes almost free type and then spend a few hours later cleaning it all up! :)

I just wanted to celebrate the small victories, so... yay me! :)

- KT


  1. Hey Kevin,

    Just want to shout out a big congrats to you on reaching your milestone. Woo hoo! Now get back to writing!
    Sharon Ledwith

  2. Yes Ma'am!

    My grand total was: 64,161.

    I started at 46.3k I think, so 17,861 words in one week. I feel so elated I can hardly look at the total without wanting to run around the house. :)

    Thanks for your encouragement!