Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So I wanted to layout some info on the work-in-progress of "WIP".

I'm currently around 41,000 words of what should be an approx. 90,000 word novel.  It might be a little more, it might be a little less.  Constantly chanting "Less is more, less is more" as I type seems to help prevent worthless additions. (such as that last sentenceing originally being written - 'as I type seems to be helping me to prevent worthless additions in my writing.')

I find it amazing at how my muse works, so amazing I believe I will make an entire blog post on the subject.  The quick 'teaser' is simple - My muse is not only growing stronger as I write, but has begun to take on a life of it's own.

Today I have been graced with an entire day of writing.  My plan is simple... spew forth my story at breakneck speed, get it out of my head and worry about editing later.

So enough blog, time to novel!

- KT

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  1. I always think my novels will be lucky to make it to 80,000 words, which is a respectable length for a fantasy adventure. So far none have come in under 100k. *g*